“Milo” Helps Tell Citizens What Real Police Work Is Like


The Pittsburgh Technical Institute yesterday ran an interactive police training system called Milo to promote interest in the Citizen Police Academy of Allegheny County, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The idea is to show what police work is like. “You can’t win this one,” said Jim Lauria, the instructor for the day. “There are some situations where you know you can’t win. And you accept that.”

A use-of-force system and a DUI simulator that delays reaction time to show what it’s like to drive under the influence were on display in advance of the police academy course that starts Feb. 13. Citizen academies are held around the country to introduce the average person to the world of law enforcement and forge a better understanding between cops and the people they protect. Popular features are “judgmental trainers” like Milo, which allow a student to play cop and wade into a violent encounter armed with gun, baton, mace, and Taser. It’s like the TV show “Cops,” except you’re part of it. Scenarios play out on a video screen and the operator of the computer system can respond to your actions, so that characters on screen react to what you do.

Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07010/752510-85.stm

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