Houston Airport Inside Theft Job Raises Security Questions


The theft of 68 pieces of luggage found in a trash bin near George Bush Intercontinental Airport last week appears to be an inside job, says the Houston Chronicle. Five contract workers were arrested and 90 more stolen bags found. The five men worked for British-based Menzies Aviation Group, which provides services and luggage handling at several U.S. airports. The baggage was taken from flights that were connecting through Houston to other destinations.

“The key thing is that they are stealing bags from what should be about the most secure area in Houston,” said attorney Joe Gutheinz, a former federal airline security official. “If they can walk bags out of the airport like that, they can walk drugs out of the airport just as easily.” Houston airport spokeswoman Marlene McClinton said the security plans are “comprehensive and layered” – and include video cameras, police officers who work inside the terminals and personnel who patrol the perimeter on horseback.

Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4440299.html

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