CA Still Debating Storefront Medical Marijuana Sales


Kevin Reed of San Francisco once took in as much as $30,000 daily in the medical marijuana business. Now, says the Los Angeles Times, the 32-year-old cannabis capitalist is looking for a job. Although four of five San Francisco voters support medical marijuana, the realities of dispensing it have proved far more controversial. It has been 10 years since California approved the Compassionate Use Act, becoming the first state to define marijuana as a medicine. The measure said nothing about how they might get the drug – and left ample regulatory ambiguity.

Today, about 200,000 Californians have a doctor’s permission to use cannabis, which they can obtain through more than 250 dispensaries, delivery services and patient collectives. Local governments are grappling with how to regulate storefront sales, still barred by federal law. San Francisco’s Reed, whose storefront business was ended by local opposition, has asked for the return of $10,000 in permit fees paid during the course of his long fight. Now he wants to go whole hog into the medical marijuana delivery business.


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