Post: Don’t Dawdle To Address “Alarming” Crime Increase


When crime dropped in the 1990s, politicians claimed credit even though local declines were usually no greater than those in nearby places that pursued different policies, the Washington Post says in an editorial. Now, FBI compilations show that crime is inching back up. The Post says the rise “seems substantial, alarming even.”

The newspaper cites number of factors “probably at work,” including a bulge in age segments of the population more prone to crime, the rise of methamphetamine use, and a pinched fiscal climate for governments that provide social services for people likely to turn to crime. The Bush administration severely cut the Clinton administration’s community-oriented policing program and has generally reduced the federal commitment to local law enforcement — understandably shifting resources toward terrorism and homeland security, says the Post. Regarding the newly reported crime increase, the newpaper urges officials “not to dawdle. Paralysis will only lead to an environment in which politicians jockey to avoid blame.”


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