Want To Find Details On Local Teen Gang? Check MySpace


This month, information emerged about a group of “stoner” Portland teenagers that calls itself FDP (for “Fuck Da Police”) and which is now suspected in more than 40 burglaries, says the Willamette Week newspaper in Portland. Details about the ring were revealed in an affidavit police filed to get a search warrant for the home of the teens’ alleged fence. So far, five teens have been arrested, ranging in age from 13 to 19.

By rummaging around MySpace, the newspaper found a 15-member MySpace group for the FDP, which lays out its creed: “rule 1. all cops are crooked (spare for a few chill ones) 2. fuck crackheads and tweekers and drug abusin bum heroin junkie fucks. 3.be down to brawl if if the homie needs troops. basically it.” In the anonymous world of cyberspace, the newspaper admits it can’t prove that all the profiles it found are authentic. But there are good reasons to believe they are: With one exception, the profiles were tied to the teens’ real names, they all predate the FDP publicity, and they have a high degree of overlap and interconnectedness. One 16-year-old who was arrested appears to have a MySpace profile under his own name linked to the FDP group.

Link: http://www.wweek.com/editorial/3306/8347/

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