Savannah Chief’s Job In Jeopardy After L.A. Revelations


In the three years after former Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Michael Berkow took over the internal affairs unit, the percentage of misconduct complaints that were upheld against police for engaging in gender bias dropped sharply, from about one in four to one in 10, says the Los Angeles Times. Berkow’s stewardship of internal affairs is under scrutiny after he admitted having had an affair with a colleague who did not report to him. “The public should be real concerned,” said police detective Art Placencia, president of the Latin American Law Enforcement Association. “That’s a real big red flag. They did a mediocre job.”

Ya May Christle, a sergeant in internal affairs, alleged in a lawsuit that Berkow and the city retaliated against her after she complained about his conduct, including allegedly giving preferential treatment to female officers with whom he had sex. Berkow is police chief in Savannah, Ga. The revelations have jeopardized his position there; Savannah officials met yesterday to discuss whether he should keep his job.


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