New MA Governor To Void Immigration Enforcement Pact


Massachusetts Governor-elect Deval Patrick will rescind a just-signed agreement between Governor Mitt Romney and federal authorities that allows state troopers to arrest illegal immigrants, the Boston Globe reports. He believes state troopers have enough to do without being required to enforce federal immigration laws. A Patrick spokeswoman said “he believes troopers’ time would be better spent working with local law enforcement officials on issues like firearm trafficking, drug use, and gang violence.”

On Dec. 13 Romney signed the controversial agreement that would allow specially deputized state troopers to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and charge them with violating U.S. immigration laws. Similar agreements in other states have been praised by those who support cracking down on illegal immigration. They have sparked outrage from some police officials, civil libertarians, and advocates for immigrants, who argue the policy discourages immigrants from cooperating with law enforcement authorities.


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