Dallas Police Concede “Appalling” Thefts From Auto Pound


Thieves have found an easy target in Dallas: the police auto pound, says the Dallas Morning News. A $300,000, 7-foot steel fence hasn’t kept car thieves out. They have climbed over it, dug under it and come straight through it to steal high-end wheels, tires, and any other items that strike their fancy. So far this year, thieves have made off with at least $90,000 worth of property. “The auto pound is just a big playground for those guys,” said Albert Garza, whose Lexus was stripped of its $6,000 custom wheels and tires at the pound. “You would think your car would be safe. But it’s probably worse in there than it is on the street.”

The city doesn’t have to pay claims for reimbursement because state law grants local governments immunity. “It’s appalling that a citizen’s car cannot be safeguarded while in a police pound and doesn’t do much to give the citizens confidence that we can protect their property while in our possession,” Lt. Ken Seguin, commander of the auto pound, wrote in a request for surveillance cameras. Tow-truck drivers bring in more than 100 vehicles a day. Some are wrecked. Others are stolen vehicles found by the police. Still others are impounded after the drivers were arrested.

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/122206dnmetautopound.32ee968.html

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