Major Federal Funding Increases For Police Urged By IACP


The nation’s largest law enforcement organization is asking the new Democratic-controlled Congress for major increases in federal aid for law enforcement and terrorism prevention. The International Association of Chiefs of Police wants a Law Enforcement and Terrorism Prevention Trust Fund, similar to the Violent Crime Reduction Trust Fund established by Congress in the big 1994 anticrime law. IACP says the debate over law enforcement funding “has become increasingly partisan in recent years.” The group says that a new trust fund would help insulate law enforcement aid from partisan politics. “After years of deep budget cuts and a disturbing rise in crime rates, the IACP is hopeful that the 110th Congress will help law enforcement agencies reverse this dangerous trend by implementing these innovative solutions,” the IACP said.

IACP wants Congress to provide $1.1 billion for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program, which aids states and localities in anticrime programs. That is roughly double what the Byrne program is expected to receive in appropriations now pending in Congress. IACP aims for a $1.05 appropriation for the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program, several times more than COPS would receive under current appropriations. IACP called for a new national commission on law enforcement and administration of justice. Such a panel was authorized in the 1994 crime law but was never funded.


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