Baltimore Mayor Engineers Prosecutor Pay Hike To $225,000


Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley gave a 60 percent raise to longtime longtime political nemesis proecutor Patricia Jessamy, making her the city’s highest-paid employee at $225,000, reports the Baltimore Sun. “I don’t think we’ve had a competitive race for this very important job since 1983,” O’Malley said before a board approved the raise. “Shouldn’t that tell us something about how difficult this job is?” Jessamy said she never requested a significant pay increase and does not do her job for the money.

Jessamy, whose salary is paid by city taxpayers, will receive a higher salary than the top prosecutors in Philadelphia, Boston, and Richmond, Va. O’Malley asked why the director of the city’s convention agency makes more money than the prosecutor: “We pay more for people to attract conventions than we do in the most violent city in America that has an awful problem with revolving-door justice, where violent criminals go back on the street time and time and time again to murder people again, again, again and again.”


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