Dallas Chief Weds TV Anchor; Love and Conflict Of Interest?


Dallas insiders are buzzing over the marriage of Police Chief David Kunkle to Channel 11 city hall reporter and anchor Sarah Dodd, reports D Magazine. Kunkle, 56, is a veteran cop four times divorced. Dodd, 33, is described as “a hard-charger in a field where cynicism is a virtue.” The magazine says that Kunkle seems shy, although “in two years he has turned around a near-broken police force and restored morale among the rank and file.”

“I do feel like I found a soul mate,” Kunkle says. Dodd feels the same way. Both knew that once they were seen out in public together, they faced consequences. “I have enemies,” Kunkle says. “That's just what happens when you're the boss. They are always looking for any weakness.” Dodd’s boss was fine with the relationship. Off the record, Dodd’s critics condemn the affair as a major conflict of interest. Some of her fiercest competitors have nice things to say. They say the allegation of a conflict is a red herring from people jealous that she's broken some top stories in the last two years.

Link: http://www.dmagazine.com//article.asp?articleid=1179

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