MD Prison Official: Inmates In Protective Custody Unsafe


The Maryland prison system is so dangerous that even inmates placed in protective custody are frequent victims of assaults and threats on their lives, says the Washington Post, quoting a prison official’s court testimony. The administrator in charge of security operations said vulnerable inmates — especially jailhouse informants — are routinely attacked even after officials move them to special cells for their protection. “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we’ve got everything under control,” said James Peguese, assistant corrections commissioner. “Unfortunately, people die in prison so we don’t have a perfect record.”

Inmate advocates said they were stunned that a senior prison official would be so candid in acknowledging the problem. Anne Arundel County prosecutors called Peguese to testify about the dangers of protective custody during a hearing to determine whether the identities and locations of three informants must be kept secret. The informants are expected to play a central role in the murder trial of two men who could face the death penalty if they are convicted of killing a corrections officer last summer. “The snitch is basically the lowest form of life that you can be in the Division of Corrections,” said prosecutor Eileen Reilly, who called the state prison system an “unsafe place to be.”


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