Patrick Vows To Add 1,000 Cops In Massachusetts


Massachusetts Gov.-elect Deval Patrick is promising to fight through financial woes and hire 1,000 new cops statewide as gun violence plagues inner-city neighborhoods, reports the Boston Herald. At a gathering of police chiefs, Patrick said, “Experience has shown that community policing works.” His comments came after a deadly strip club rampage in New Bedford, that city's latest burst of violence in a year that included a series of gang killings last summer.

Street violence in Boston has claimed 70 lives this year, and police are scrambling to avoid more killings after the slaying of a former gang leader who had helped broker a monthslong truce between rival factions. Patrick said a key part of his strategy against youth violence will be to halt the flow of guns into the state. He also wants more money for mentoring programs to provide after-school alternatives for youths who could otherwise fall victim to the lure of gangs. The chief impediment continues to be scarce resources, with communities statewide struggling to avoid cuts to their public safety departments.


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