NYC’s Kelly Warns Of Bombs Smuggled On Commuter Trains


New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly warned yesterday that homegrown terrorists could easily build bombs upstate and smuggle them onto commuter trains headed to the city, reports the New York Daily News. “It’s reasonable to assume that any attack on New York City may very well be put together – the logistics, the planning aspects of the plot – outside the city,” Kelly said.

Kelly dispatched six intelligence cops to Albany to test weaknesses in the metro area’s counterterrorism safeguards last summer. The cops boarded a train to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, much the way terrorists in Britain schlepped homemade explosives about 180 miles to the subways and buses of London in July 2005. “It was done to see if there are holes in our system,” Kelly told 50 police chiefs, and prosecutors from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and other northeast states. “It is fair to say there were things that needed adjustment,” Kelly said, refusing to give details. The law enforcement officials toured a replica of the apartment used by the London suicide bombers to better understand what Kelly and his associates called a growing threat of homegrown terrorists.


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