In Detroit, Young Heroin Users ‘Chase the Dragon’


Parents, police and health care officials in Detroit are alarmed at what they say is a two-fold problem: heroin use on the rise among a younger crowd, and users looking to punch up their high by mixing in OxyContin, methadone and other opiates in dangerous combinations. Rehabilitation centers say they’re seeing more teen heroin users, and Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says he’ll focus more manpower on stopping heroin dealers, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Mixing heroin with other drugs to amplify the high appears to be growing in popularity. In one day alone over the Thanksgiving weekend, three 18-year-olds were treated at Beaumont Hospital for a mix of heroin and Klonopin. In Macomb County, the overdoses from mixtures far outweigh those of heroin alone, according to the medical examiner. “It’s called ‘chasing the dragon,'” said one recovering heroin addict.


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