Fittingly, Newark’s 100th Murder Victim Linked to Drugs


When he was gunned down near his grandmother’s house in Newark Thursday night, Yuelle Eure became the city’s 100th murder victim of 2006 and an instant symbol of the city’s rising homicide rate. But despite his unfortunate distinction, the circumstances surrounding Eure’s tragic death have become all too common in a city plagued by gun violence, reports the city’s Star-Ledger. Just 21, Eure had recently completed a prison sentence for drug possession when he was shot four times on Huntington Terrace, in a neighborhood beset by narcotics.

Police officials say most of the city’s murder victims have criminal records, and most killings are related to drugs. Their proposed solution follows the same logic: Do something about the drugs and ex- cons, and the killings will decline. Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Police Director Garry McCarthy reiterated those plans in a news conference arranged in response to Eure’s milestone death.


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