Boston’s High-Crime Area Gets Slowest 911 Response


Residents of Roxbury and Mission Hill are waiting longer for police to respond to 911 calls than any other neighborhood in Boston, reports the city’s Globe. The Police Department’s analysis of 246,498 911 calls in Boston in 2005 shows that residents in Roxbury waited a median of 15 minutes for police to respond, three minutes longer than the citywide median of 12 minutes. This year so far, the department’s analysis of 226,213 calls shows that people in Roxbury have waited two minutes longer, or 14 minutes, than the citywide median, which remained at 12 minutes.

Roxbury is one of the highest-crime areas in the city, and police say they respond to a constant drumbeat of 911 calls there. The need to respond first to high-priority calls has forced delays on some of the lower-priority calls, such as loud parties or car burglaries, resulting in higher median response time, officials said. But some residents and politicans have complained for years that Roxbury doesn’t get its share of officers.


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