Hunters Encountering Meth Lab Remnants In The Woods


Hunters are finding methamphetamine labs or their remnants in remote areas, reports USA Today. Three Michigan hunters have discovered separate dumps of equipment and chemicals used to make the illegal drug. Hunters in Arkansas, Indiana, and Tennessee have made similar finds. The encounters can be risky if someone is using the lab when a hunter discovers it. Approaching meth users while wearing “camouflage clothing and carrying a firearm can be a recipe for disaster,” warns South Dakota’s Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

Hunters may spot “tweakers” making meth in rural areas, but it’s more common to find leftover equipment. Officials tell hunters to look for ordinary plastic coolers with hoses, gas cylinders, and stained coffee filters. South Dakota recommends hunters look for lye, iodine, brake cleaner and stained cookware. Hazardous-waste removal teams often are called in to dispose of the toxic equipment.


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