Phoenix Baseline Killer Could Be City’s Most Prolific Murderer


From the day Mark Goudeau was arrested and accused of a sexual assault linked to the “Baseline Killer,” Phoenix police had “a good idea” he was responsible for the entire string of murders, rapes, and robberies that terrorized the city for 13 months, says the Arizona Republic. Yesterday, police asked prosecutors to charge Goudeau, 42, with an additional 71 crimes, including nine murders, five sexual assaults, and 12 armed robberies. The investigation into the Baseline Killer case was the largest in Phoenix history. If Goudeau is guilty, he is the city’s most prolific serial killer.

Police say combined ballistics, DNA, and circumstantial evidence point to Goudeau as the man who plucked random victims from public places after dark, often while wearing a disguise of dreadlocks and a fishing hat. Goudeau stalked areas he was familiar with, using them as a “hunting ground,” police say. Police remain tight-lipped about the evidence that links Goudeau to all the attacks. Commander Joe Klima said authorities don’t want to say too much so they don’t jeopardize the case. “We’re confident with the evidence we have,” he says.


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