Report: CT Police Internal Affairs Unit In Disarray


A scathing 168-page report on the Connecticut state police internal affairs unit found the structure designed to promote integrity to be riddled with misconduct and improper influence, reports the Hartford Courant. Some of the 19 internal affairs cases investigated by the New York State Police may lead to criminal charges or disciplinary action against troopers involved in sexual assaults, domestic violence, drunk driving, and larceny, said Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The report, which urges an overhaul of the unit, prompted Gov. M. Jodi Rell to order an independent commission to oversee its reform and an outcry from other public officials to eliminate what some perceive as corruption in the state police.

The report points the finger at top managers and raises questions about the ability of the department’s elite major crime squad to investigate criminal allegations that arose in some internal affairs cases. Blumenthal thanked state troopers who came forward “to make complaints about a system that is dysfunctional, in disarray, and ultimately discredited. More importantly than what we call it is what we do about it.”


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