School Killings Up Slightly In 2004-05, U.S. Reports


At least 21 people were killed at school during the 2004-05 academic year, a slight increase from the previous year, says a U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics study reported by the Associated Press. The compilation does not include data from fatal shootings in Wisconsin, Colorado and Pennsylvania this fall. Fewer students reported being the victims of violent crime at school or school-sponsored events in 2004-2005. School-age children remain far more likely to be assaulted, raped and robbed off school grounds.

The preliminary data indicates that students were about 50 times more likely in the 2003-04 school year to be killed away from school than at school. The number of deadly shootings has risen and fallen over the past 15 years. Overall school violence has shown a declining trend, although it has increased lately.


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