Indy Joins Growing List of Cities With Police Cameras


The first of 27 cameras that will monitor Indianapolis facilities and streets was unveiled Thursday. The cameras are designed to deter thugs and dope dealers and help keep the city safe, reports the city’s Star. More cameras, which are bulletproof and remotely operated, will be installed within the next three months. The cameras are monitored at police headquarters and have enough memory to store three days of video.

The cameras cost about $14,000 each, with most of the money coming from a $1 million federal grant. They have been widely used in more than a dozen other cities, including Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles. In Chicago, neighborhoods with cameras for more than six months reported a 30 percent decrease in crime and a 60 percent drop in drug incidents. Cameras have their drawbacks. In Baltimore, prosecutors complained that the images were too grainy to use in court, and an officer in California was disciplined for using the cameras to leer at women.


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