Meth Use Drops in West But Surges on East Coast


Methamphetamine use is increasing along the East Coast after years of largely being confined to rural areas west of the Mississippi River, a government report shows. But officials nationwide are finding fewer meth labs where the highly addictive drug is cooked — a bright spot in the nation’s war against a drug the White House describes as dangerous as cocaine and heroin, reports the Associated Press.

The number of workplace employees who tested positive for meth dipped dramatically in several Midwest and western states where the drug so far has provided the largest punch, including Missouri, Iowa and New Mexico. But it surged along the East Coast, including in Connecticut and Maine, and by a whopping 115 percent increase in the District of Columbia. The data by New Jersey-based Quest Diagnostics Inc. compared state-by-state drug tests from the first five months of 2006 to the same period last year. Nationally, positive drug tests decreased by 12 percent between the two years.


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