Molester Shuffle May Hint at Future Under CA’s Prop 83


Two top California parole administrators ordered a group of high-risk child molesters shuffled among several Los Angeles County motels earlier this year after agents could not find them housing compliant with a new law, the state inspector general reported Tuesday. The report said the administrators then lied to investigators and lawmakers, denying any knowledge of the episode.

Moving the 11 parolees among motels near schools in Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, Norwalk, South Gate and El Monte violated the intent of a law barring high-risk child molesters on parole from living within half a mile of a school, reports the Los Angeles Times. It also underscores the challenge facing parole agents under a separate, newly passed law, Proposition 83. Approved overwhelmingly Nov. 7, the ballot measure dramatically expanded housing restrictions for sex offenders, barring them from living within 2,000 feet of a park or school.


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