Trenton Police Stop Reporting Many Felonies To Public


Trenton, N.J., Police Director Joseph Santiago has started a controversy by limiting the release of information about crime to the public, reports the Trenton Times. In a month since Santiago disbanded the public information unit, the city had 88 reported felony crimes, but only seven were publicized by the department. Santiago says that when journalists ask, the department responds. He has activated a sergeant to again be the police spokesman, and has said he is working on an after-hours and weekend protocol.

Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph Bocchini Jr. told Santiago: “There is no reason in my mind for purposely withholding information that is required to be provided to the media and it appears as if this is exactly the action your department has taken in recent weeks.” Said a police official: “If the media wants more answers, they can ask more questions.”


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