Decorate Your Holiday Tree With A Gun?


Urban Outfitters Inc. is offering a 5-inch-long, Chinese-made gun ornament for $6, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Bust a cap in your tree with this superglittery ornament in the shape of a handgun, complete with a satin ribbon for hanging,” says the firm’s description of the revolver. The retailer calls it an “ironic twist” on the holidays. Says Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell’s spokeswoman: “The governor doesn’t find it humorous or clever to display weapons that are responsible for taking hundreds of lives each year as if they are decorations.”

The “Glitter Gun Ornament” is one of several “dark humor items” the company is selling. Police spokesman Benjamin Nash spokesman called the ornament “outrageous.” More than 360 homicides have been reported in Philadelphia this year. Darryl Coates of the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network said the Philadelphia-based retailer should be more sensitive. “Once again, you see someone trying to profit off of the violent nature of our society, and if that’s the case, they should withdraw the ornament from their catalog right away and submit an apology to the community,” he said.


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