Milwaukee Paper Probes Impact of Gun Violence


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is calling for changes to address the entrenched problem of gun violence. The paper published a sweeping three-part series on the problem last week. (The package of stories can be accessed through the Journal Sentinel link). Among other things, the series notes that nonfatal shootings get little attention but cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Gunshot treatments are up by one-third this year in two of the city’s hospitals.

The paper proposes: an accurate national tally of gunshot victims “to determine if America is making headway in combating the problem”; renewed commitment from lawmakers to consider common-sense gun control measures; an effort in government to address the socioeconomic causes of crime; leadership from within minority communities, which bear the brunt of the violence, to help the poor “rise above their conditions,” and a more concerted effort by police to head off the problem through “smart policing.”


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