Student Devises “Foolproof” Oral Test For Drugs


An Arkansas high school senior has helped develop a “foolproof” drug test billed as being faster and easier to administer than tests now available, the Associated Press reports. Marc Hosken said his oral-based test can be observed directly. Traditional urine tests aren’t observed and a subject can cheat by diluting or substituting the specimen. “There’s no way to cheat the test, because there isn’t time,” Hosken said. “In 10 years, I predict it will become the predominant drug test.”

Results can be available in 15 minutes, said Hosken, 17. He said the oral, fluid-based test is faster and less expensive than blood exams that require laboratory analysis. Police in Victoria, Australia, use similar saliva tests to detect drivers under the influence of amphetamines and cannabis. Hosken said his test will simultaneously check for cocaine, opiates, PCP, methamphetamine and marijuana.


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