Sniper Malvo Expresses Remorse, Gets More Prison Time


Washington, D.C., area sniper Lee Boyd Malvo offered a tearful apology yesterday to relatives of the six people he and John Allen Muhammad killed in suburban Maryland, minutes before he was sentenced to six consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole, reports the Washington Post. “I’m truly sorry, grieved and ashamed of what I’ve done to the families and friends,” Malvo said of those he and Muhammad shot from afar with a powerful rifle in 2002. The hearing marked the last chapter of the snipers’ legal proceedings in Maryland.

Prosecutors and Malvo’s attorneys said Malvo, 21, experienced a transformation during his months in Maryland. They said his remorse is genuine, and they commended him for cooperating with prosecutors in Muhammad’s recent Maryland trial. Malvo has cooperated with law enforcement officials to close some of the unresolved cases in other places. Last month, he met with detectives from Tucson, who offered him immunity from prosecution in exchange for an account of the 2002 slaying of a man shot while playing golf.


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