IN Woman Sues Over 3-Week Wrongful Imprisonment


An Indianapolis woman arrested during a routine traffic stop spent more than three weeks in jail in two states before a judge realized she had been mistaken for another person, reports the Indianapolis Star. Venus D. Jones, 42, is suing the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department for violating her constitutional rights. Jones said she repeatedly told police officers in Indianapolis and Henry County, Tn., that they had the wrong woman. She was arrested in Indianapolis and two weeks later was extradited to Tennessee. A Tennessee judge ordered her released based on differences in the two women’s names, Social Security numbers and birth dates.

The lawsuit says officials mistakenly believed she was Venus LeDue, who had an outstanding Tennessee arrest warrant on theft and vandalism charges dating to 1990. Jones was pulled over by an officer who said he was concerned because her car had been shaking after it hit a pothole.


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