SC Halloween Curfew Netted 9 Sex Offenders


A Halloween curfew for registered sex offenders netted nine arrests in South Carolina, a state parole spokesman told the Associated Press. The same number of people were arrested last year, the first year of a strict curfew that requires sex offenders on probation or parole to remain inside their homes from 5 p.m. to midnight on Halloween.

Offenders also are required to keep their exterior house lights off and not answer the door for trick-or-treating. Some of those arrested had their porch lights on or were out in their yards, but none was seen with children. The spokesman said the arrests were part of a “zero tolerance” policy. More than 200 parole agents drove by or called the roughly 1,300 of the state’s 9,000 registered sex offenders who qualified for the curfew. South Carolina is one of a growing list of states that have placed Halloween restrictions on sex offenders.


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