Teen Child Murderer On “Oprah” At Taxpayer Expense


Jessica Coleman, an Ohio child murderer, went on the “Oprah” program at taxpayer expense, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Coleman, 22, is serving prison time for killing her newborn baby while in high school. When Oprah Winfrey’s staff tried to interview Coleman at a state prison in August, but corrections officials refused, saying “Oprah” was not a news show.

Coleman was brought from prison to Lorain County for 13 days in September and October for a hearing that never happened. The show’s staff interviewed her twice. Judge Edward Zaleski said he ordered that Coleman be brought back for a hearing after her attorney filed a request to cancel her prison sentence. The judge said he has signed similar orders dozens of times. Coleman’s stay in the Lorain County Jail, including transportation, cost about $1,640. Jack Bradley, Coleman’s attorney, said he wanted her to appear on the show so other teenage girls could hear her story. “It’s such a tragedy,” he said.

Link: http://www.cleveland.com/lorain/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/lorain/1162287593173250.xml&coll=2

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