Laws Restricting Teens Include A Spread Of Day Curfews


Some cities are passing daytime curfew laws and other measures to restrict teenagers, USA Today reports. Lobbying by parents has brought laws and surveillance, as well as lawsuits contending that some policies designed to crack down on teens have gone too far. Parents are suing New York City schools over a policy forbidding students to carry cellphones. El Dorado, Ks., requires random drug testing for students who do anything other than go to class, including joining clubs, attending school plays and parking on campus.

In Washington, D.C., a midnight curfew for kids under 17 was moved to 10 p.m. for the summer, on top of other emergency anti-crime measures including surveillance cameras and police overtime. Violent crimes against juveniles during curfew hours fell 50 percent. Rockford, Il., Battle Creek, Mi., and Corpus Christi, Tx., have daytime curfews. Minors face a fine and a trip to the police station if caught on the street during school hours unless they’re heading home from jobs, church or school.


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