Law Enforcement Hails Massive CA Antigang Sweep


A two-day roundup of gang members in the Sacramento region included 84 arrests, 25 guns recovered, and 34 pounds of marijuana seized, says the Sacramento Bee. With the help of FBI analysts and federal gun experts, regional cops will begin dissecting street intelligence gathered this week. Officials expressed confidence that the information gained from searching 223 locations would help in the fight against gangs for years to come. Said FBI agent in charge Drew Parenti: “Where they are now and what they are doing gives us specific predictability on where they’ll be five years from now.”

The sweeps involved 420 officers from 19 local, state, and federal agencies. At a conference yesterday, the Rev. Gregory Boyle, founder of Los Angeles’ Homeboy Industries Inc., a national gang intervention model, said Sacramento gang violence is “about a lethal absence of hope.” Officials want to “change the behavior” of criminals in the area, said Sheriff John McGinness. Much of that has to do with face-to-face meetings between cops and gang members, he said. There have been 50 homicides so far this year Sacramento, compared with 52 all of last year.


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