How To Defeat Gangs? IN Prosecutor Candidates Disagree


Candidates for prosecutor in Indianapolis’s Marion County are squabbling over each other’s anti-gang plans, says the Indianapolis Star. They agreed that the gang problem is growing. Republican Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said his policy is to be tough on gangs, but Democrat Melina Kennedy said that Brizzi’s former gang prosecutor endorses her plan.

Kennedy’s plan would encourage “wannabe” and fringe members to help investigators by offering them amnesty for minor crimes they’ve committed. Her plan also includes a “director of counter-street gang operations” who would oversee the targeting of gang leaders and intelligence gathering. What I’m talking about is going after leaders with no apology,” Kennedy said. Brizzi thinks fluctuating membership makes it too difficult to figure out who’s calling the shots in gang activity. He said Kennedy’s plan is a potential disaster.


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