TX School District Clarifies Its Antiviolence “Chaos Theory”


Students in the Burleson school district near Ft. Worth, Tx., can learn to defend themselves by throwing objects at an armed intruder, but a teacher went too far by instructing them to physically attack someone as part of a security program, say officials quoted by the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. The district sent letters home with 8,500 students clarifying its position on a training video that concerned parents when local TV news stations aired it this month.

The video showed children throwing objects at someone posing as an armed intruder in a classroom, then attacking him. The classes are part of a security program launched by the district last year to make schools safer. Greg Crane, a criminal-justice teacher at Burleson High School and a former police officer, taught the skills through his company, Response Options. “We’re not backing off on what we call chaos theory — children and teachers throwing books, screaming, anything you can do to distract the intruder and get out of the room,” said a spokesman. Crane is the husband of an elementary school principal, the only one of 11 principals who did not sign the letter sent to parents.

Link: http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/community/15843537.htm

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