Clevelander Focuses On Learning-Disabled Young Offenders


Cleveland businessman Daniel McCarthy is campaigning for a focus on the plight of incarcerated juveniles with undiagnosed learning disabilities, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Studies estimate that 60 to 70 percent of youth offenders have learning deficiencies. McCarthy, a businessman, tax adviser, and part owner of the New York Yankees says, “A lot of these kids are going to end up in serious trouble if they aren’t already.” McCarthy has donated $100,000 to a project designed to fight the problem and has promised to pressure others to pitch in as well.

Children with undiagnosed learning disabilities typically do poorly academically, act up until they are kicked out of school and end up involved with the court system, McCarthy and others say. Juvenile Court Administrative Judge Joseph F. Russo said the court can’t solve educational issues on its own, so it is reaching out to the parents and schools. “One way to stop incarceration is through education,” he said.


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