Armed Civilians Take Part In CT Deadbeat-Dad Warrants


The Wild West movie scenario of gun-toting citizens posing as badge-wearing marshals rounding up bad guys appears to have played out for real this past weekend in the Waterbury, Ct., area, when two civilians – both apparently armed – were allowed to participate in a sweep of suspected deadbeat dads, says the Hartford Courant. The newspaper says there is also concern that the state marshals did not receive weapons training from a certified instructor as required by state regulations.

Sources said two civilians apparently armed with guns, wearing uniforms and carrying badges were involved in serving warrants on at least 10 suspected deadbeat dads early Saturday. State officials are investigating. “Thank God there was no shooting involved; it could have been a nightmare for the state,” said a state marshal. One of the civilians was Raymond Brown of Middlebury, who is friendly with several of the marshals who work. “There was certainly nothing criminal about it. I don’t know why somebody is trying to make a big deal about it,” Brown said.


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