Blacks, Hispanics Dissatisfied with LAPD Diversity Progress


The Los Angeles Police Department is not meeting some ethnic diversity goals, and many minority officers continue to feel at a disadvantage, say the heads of Latino and African American advocacy groups, according to the Los Angeles Times. The mixed record was detailed in the department’s annual report on a consent decree approved by courts in 1992 to force the department to improve promotion of minority and women officers.

The department needs to adopt a sense of urgency to meet remaining goals, said Sgt. Ronnie Cato, president of the Oscar Joel Bryant Police Foundation, which represents African American officers. He told the Police Commission yesterday: “Most African Americans on this department will tell you our white counterparts promote two or three times faster than we do.” Detective Art Placencia, president of the Latin American Law Enforcement Association, said Hispanics are under-represented on the command level. Overall, Latinos went from 3,011, or 33.6 percent of the police force in 2001, to 3,459 officers, or 37.2 percent now.


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