New Boston Chief Faces Challenges Despite Lowell Success


At 6 feet 6 inches, Edward Davis, Boston’s new police superintendent, is an imposing man. Davis clashed repeatedly with city administrators in Lowell, Ma., while he engineered a 60 percent drop in crime rates, says the Boston Globe. He is hailed as a hero in the neighborhoods, but he has also aggravated some in the Lowell bureaucracy. “Either you like him or you hate him,” said Rithy Uong, a former Lowell city councilor and advocate for southeast Asians.

In Boston, Davis, 50, will be taking on a department 10 times the size of Lowell’s in a city with six times the population and a mayor with a penchant for micromanagement. Some predict an uphill battle. “I think [Mayor Thomas M.] Menino has a huge challenge in front of him, and so does Ed Davis,” said Councilor Edward “Bud” Caulfield of Lowell. A regular at neighborhood meetings, he is known to have defused tensions by professing a love for Eminem and for displaying a kind of street savvy rare for top police brass. Many said he had an authoritative presence that was never bullying.


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