“Vicious” Anti-Democrat Crime Ad To Get More Play In MA


Activists dressed in orange prison jump suits picketed the homes of Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval L. Patrick and his campaign manager last Friday as the nasty tone of the campaign for governor moved from the airwaves and debate halls into residential neighborhoods, reports the Boston Globe. About a half-dozen demonstrators showed up at Patrick’s home at about 7 a.m., dressed to appear like inmates and brandishing placards mocking him as a coddler of criminals.

Tensions mounted as Healey’s media strategists decided to more than double the television airtime for a controversial ad that shows a woman walking through a dark garage and highlights Patrick’s support of convicted rapist Benjamin LaGuer. The ad has roiled the gubernatorial campaign and is drawing attention in the national media. A Washington Post political blog, The Fix, called the ad as “vicious as we’ve seen” this year. Healey has said the ad is designed to reflect differences between her and Patrick on crime issue. “It is getting so much attention, and we think it is working, so we want to ratchet up the frequency,” said one of her senior strategists. Democratic strategists say that while the ad may scare some voters away from the Democratic nominee, the commercial is so negative and harsh that it has done more damage to Healey’s image.

Link: http://www.boston.com/news/local/politics/candidates/articles/2006/10/21/inmates_take_protests_to_patrick

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