CA DA’s Web Site To Review Paper’s “Shoddy Journalism”


District Attorney Ed Jagels in Bakersfield, Ca., has started a Web site where prosecutors will post weekly critiques of the Bakersfield Californian newspaper's crime and court reporting, reports KGET-TV in Bakersfield. The Californian has long been a strong critic of the DA, and how his office has handled numerous high-profile cases in the past twenty years. Jagels called the website “a public service provided by prosecutors of the DA's Office.”

Jagel promises to analyze “the Californian's crime reporting, exposing its false claims, distortions, and shoddy journalism.” He said prosecutors will provide newspaper critiques on the site on a voluntary basis, at no additional cost to the county. “In its reporting of public safety matters, The Californian has raised journalistic lying to an art form,” Jagels said in the column. “He’s welcome to his opinion, but he’s not welcome to distort and characterize our reporting as lying,” Californian Executive Editor Mike Jenner said


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