Boston Defends Assigning Officers To Help IACP Attendees


Boston taxpayers face a high police overtime bill to cover hot spot neighborhoods after 160 cops were pulled from their beats to work as security, chauffeurs, and porters at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention this week, says the Boston Herald. Police brass ordered dozens of cops to work “forced overtime” in neighborhoods hardest hit by crime, as commanders, detectives, patrol officers, and rookie cops were yanked from busy districts. A lieutenant and four rookie cops were pulled out of one district and reassigned to taxi visiting police chiefs. Many officers were summoned by tipsy out-of-town chiefs by cell phones for rides home from barrooms. Meanwhile, three men were shot dead in the district since the conference began Friday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said that despite the 160 cops assigned to IACP duties, the city's neighborhoods were always covered by minimum staffing levels: “The IACP did take a certain level of staffing from us. But we are not doing any different than any other city when hosting the IACP. The operational mission in all the districts remains the same.”


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