Computer Leaves Crime-Solving Fingerprints in NYC Death


An online chat led to what Michael J. Sandy thought would be a sexual rendezvous in Brooklyn with another man. Instead, he arrived at an ambush where he was confronted by four men who beat him and chased him onto the highway, where he was hit by a car. On Friday, a day after Sandy turned 29, his family removed him from a respirator. But he left behind a trail of electronic evidence: When he left his apartment for the last time, he did not turn off his computer, reports the New York Times.

Information on Sandy's computer helped paint a detailed picture for investigators of the online seduction that hurled Sandy into the path of a group of would-be toughs from the other side of Brooklyn. Law enforcement officials described how they used the records to reconstruct the planning of the attack, and then later to track down the men they believe were involved.


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