Secret Service Questions Teen Over MySpace Bush Threat


Secret Service agents pulled a 14-year-old Sacramento girl out of a high school biology class this week for questioning without her parents present after she posted “Kill Bush” on the Web site, reports the Sacramento Bee. Julia Wilson also posted a cartoonish photo-collage of a knife stabbing the hand of the president on an anti-Bush page.

Federal law prohibits making serious threats against the president, and Julia and her parents say what she did was wrong. The couple are disturbed that agents questioned a child at school without her parents present. First Amendment lawyers question whether the Secret Service overreacted to a 14-year-old’s comments on a Web site made for casual socializing. Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini said he usually does not notify parents when law enforcement officials come to school to interview students. “Parents usually interfere with an investigation, so we usually don’t notify them until it’s done,” he said. The Secret Service refused to comment.


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