Chicago Adopts Hand-Held Laser Guns In Antispeeding Drive


Chicago police officers will use a batch of high-tech, hand-held laser guns to catch speeders, says the Chicago Tribune. Enforcing speed limits in the city had previously amounted to a handful of vehicle-mounted radar guns. More than 1,800 tickets have been written since police started testing the new programs in a few areas in early September. Deputy Police Superintendent Charles Williams said the effort has nothing to do with generating revenue.

“It’s a step in the right direction since before this we had three to five radar-equipped vehicles in the whole city of Chicago,” said Alderman Tom Allen. “We have to reprogram the thinking of the Police Department to place a priority on this. It’s a violation of the law. When you just let it pass, it escalates.” Among the new police tools are LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) guns, which use lasers to track passing cars, giving officers far more effective and accurate speed readings than radar. The department has bought about 15 of the guns and plans to buy another 50.


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