PA Man With 25 Arrests, 2 Convictions Beats System


Khalil Slight, 23, of Philadelphia has made quite a name for himself in cop circles as a trigger-happy street tough with a talent for beating the system, says the Philadelphia Daily News. He has 25 arrests on his record – including three attempted-murder charges and 11 arrests involving gun crimes, but only two convictions. “He has a history of possessing guns and shooting at people, but apparently you get credit for bad aim,” said Philadelphia police detective Bob Conn, who has arrested Slight several times.

To police and prosecutors, Slight epitomizes one of the biggest frustrations associated with the local violent-crime wave: He seems to have found the revolving door out of the justice system. Slight, and hundreds of alleged repeat lawbreakers like him, commit gun crime after gun crime – not necessarily the big ones that make the headlines, but ones that can turn serious, and ones that terrify neighborhoods. Yet in some cases, they spend relatively little time behind bars. It happens because witnesses are too scared or crooked to come forward, because cops and prosecutors are overworked by the smaller crimes that they commit, and because bail and sentencing guidelines can be inconsistent. State Rep. Harold James wants to require a minimum bail of $50,000 for anyone accused of showing or using a gun while committing a crime.


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