NYC Commander: Stop And Frisk All Black Males At Station


A New York City commander ordered officers to stop and frisk every black man at a robbery-plagued Brooklyn subway station, reports the New York Daily News. “The captain said the descriptions of the [suspects] vary a lot, so we were to stop all black males at the station, stop and frisk them because ‘they have no reason being there,'” said one white officer who was outraged. Capt. Michael Vanchieri gave the orders last Thursday, reported five officers who heard them.

“Everybody was totally shocked,” said a black officer who was present. “It was very clear. Stop and question and frisk. But no description of who we were looking for – just male blacks,” he said. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Vanchieri has denied making any inappropriate comments, claiming any discussion of race was part of a broader description of the suspects. Kelly noted that New York is the only major police department in the country to ban profiling.


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