Advocates Unhappy As Pitcher Escapes Wife-Beating Charge


During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a Boston judge yesterday let Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers walk after his battered wife asked that an abuse charge against him be dropped, reports the Boston Herald. “There's no violence in our family. I was not injured,” Kim Myers, the righthander's wife of four years and mother of their 2-year-old daughter, told Judge Raymond Dougan Jr. of the couple's June 23 drunken dust-up. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, who wanted Myers, 26, to plead guilty, serve two years' probation, attend a 40-week certified program for batterers, and submit to alcohol-abuse evaluation, objected. Dougan, Conley said, “used his discretionary authority to simultaneously affirm that a man beat his wife on a public street and deny our efforts to hold him responsible.”

Kim Myers, 28, said her husband resorted to physical force when the couple, after a night of heavy drinking after the Phillies played the Red Sox, started quarreling. Witnesses saw the 6-foot, 4-inch Myers, a former amateur boxer, outside a hotel smacking his petite wife around and dragging her by her blond hair. Kim Myers explained: “I became upset with him and I pushed him away from me. That's when other people saw us disagreeing with each other.” Mary Lauby, an advocate against domestic violence, complained that, “The very system that is supposed to be there to mete out justice and leverage safety for victims has not only failed her, but every other victim and every other perpetrator who watched this happen.”


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