Clashes Over Crime Cases Mark MA Governor’s Race


Crime cases are roiling the Massachusetts governor’s race. While Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey attacks gubernatorial rival Deval Patrick as soft on convicts, her administration assigned a Boston cop killer to a light-duty prison clean-up crew that once broomed trash from the State House, the Boston Herald reports. Terrill Walker, who murdered a detective during a 1973 at a pawnshop, – is an inmate at the Boston Pre-Release Center, which correction officers call a “bed and breakfast” for privileged cons. Walker, 50, is paid by the Department of Correction “community work crew.”

News that a convicted cop killer is working in a public setting outraged Boston Police union leaders. It came as she launched a new TV ad attacking rival Patrick for representing a Florida cop killer as a lawyer in the past. “You can't profess to be tough on crime and turn around and allow this stuff to happen. You simply can't have it both ways,” said Boston Police Patrolmen's Association President Tom Nee.


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